Almost Asian

Jujube is a modern restaurant rooted in the flavors of China and Vietnam, distilled and whimsically refined with western sensibilities. Part of creating an inspired cuisine is getting out of the way and allowing tradition and the beauty of nature to show through, part of it is putting your individual stamp on each dish. Jujube does both by weaving classic Asian dishes along with one-of-a-kind creations born from our hearts into one, eclectic menu.

What Our Customers Are Saying

“Fabulously inventive food, as always, with great ingredients and friendly service. A gem.”

“My wife and I dine at most of the best restaurants in the Triangle. Jujube is in the category if the finest. It is a rare find. I had a oriental duck confit for my main entree – it was so excellent that I do not recall the rest of the meal. My wife was similarly pleased with her shrimp dish as were our dinner companions. Jujube is now on our list of favorite restaurants – we will be going back soon.”

“…cool atmosphere, good food, reasonable prices.  Everything we ate here was delicious.”

“Jujube is truly one of the Triangle’s finest, ranking right up next to Lantern, Four Square, and Pooles in terms of quality and deliciousness.  It’s really one of my favorites, as the chefs there never fail to keep things interesting, fun, and as local as they can.  If you want to experience a true Triangle winner, make your way over to this unassuming spot in the Glen Lennox shopping center.  You won’t be disappointed!”

“My family and I went to Jujube for our third time this week, and we were again reminded how much we like this place. We started the night with a round of drinks–my father was impressed by a fairly extensive beer menu, while the rest of us enjoyed some of their specialty cocktails…  Dinner was excellent all around. The curried pork was a deviation from my normal hanger steak with peanut sauce, and I was glad to have tried something new. I thought it was great. Everyone was satisfied with their meals. Desserts were very good as well, although we were so full by the time we left. The portions at this place are really a nice size…  Overall, Jujube is an enjoyable restaurant with a lively atmosphere, but cozy enough that you can hear each other talk. The food is consistently good, so we’ll definitely be going back.”