Dinner | Dessert




Shiitake, carrot, and soy 6.5

Shrimp and scallion 7

Pan-fried pork and cabbage 6.5

Bbq pork belly 7

War Won Ton Soup- Chicken dumplings, Chinese sausage, shiitake mushrooms 7.5


Vietnamese salad rolls 6

Crispy calamari with dipping sauces 10

Salad of warmed and crispy kale with Fuyu persimmon and toasted walnuts 7

Jujube salad- Mixed greens and marinated vegetables with mirin dressing 7

Spicy oyster mushroom curry with coconut milk, chili, lime, and cilantro 7.5

Cha gio- Pork and shrimp spring rolls, lettuce, herbs, dipping sauce  10.5

Sweet potato fritters with black vinegar dipping 6


Shredded lettuce and napa cabbage with pickled vegetables, fresh herbs, cucumbers, crispy shallots, and your choice of the toppings below.

BBQ soy protein or Grilled chicken 9

Lemongrass grilled beef 11


Toasted baguette with carrot-daikon, fresh herbs, cucumber, sweet chili mayonnaise, and jalapenos. Served with housemade Asian slaw.

BBQ pork, BBQ soy protein, or Grilled chicken 8.5

Lemongrass grilled beef 10


Pan-fried crab and shrimp cake, sweet potato-spinach curry 12

Cantonese-style braised Poulet Rouge chicken with fried rice 10

Yellow curry, soy protein, shiitake mushrooms, butternut squash, kale 10

Grilled lemongrass beef salad, cucumbers, cilantro, chopped peanuts 12.5

Stir-fried shrimp, oyster mushrooms, peanuts, rice noodles, firecracker sauce 12

Jujube Bolognese- Hoisin and ginger-braised pork, scallions, wide rice noodles 10.5

Kung Pao (Chicken or Soy)- blackened peppers, garlic, scallion, soy, peanuts 10

Vietnamese crepes with pork, shrimp, vegetables, herbs, dipping sauce 12

Blanched noodles, spinach, scallions, cilantro, spicy peanut sauce 9