Customer Comments

Jujube Beer Dinner Report

“Anyway, I’ve digressed somewhat, but this place is HIGHLY recommended for a dining experience. The decor, service, and cuisine all come together to make this place actually worth going out to eat. Kudos to Chef Deal for providing the first dinner since moving out here that I can say I walked away from almost giddy from the experience. I intend to return in a few weeks with some out-of-town guests.”


Jujube’s Offal Menu Awfully Good

“I had the sweetbread dish as part of the tasting menu for the Special Dinner last Tuesday (minus the belly pork) and it was superb. But to have it with belly pork (and I’ve tasted Charlie’s belly pork) must have been astounding.

I think the best things that come out of Charlie’s kitchen utilize ingredients that may cause some to turn up their noses, but the man has a way with offal.

I was really pleased to see the restaurant filled to capacity last Tuesday as the challenge of dealing with too many diners should be easier to overcome than the problem of empty tables.”


Eating at Jujube

“Charlie is indeed really accommodating of people who love to eat–just be judicious about when you ask him for special stuff. Off the regular menu, the crab cakes with green chili corn chowder are awesome. Hanging pork is excellent, oyster mushroom curry is great. Cha giao are really good… hmmm… really all the dumplings are killer, but my favorites are the pan fried and the xiu mai. If the quail special is on, by all means get it… same goes for anything with pork belly. He did a really wonderful trout for my future mother in law, the preparation of which escapes me, but I believe it was Vietnamese in origin. Really delicate and fresh and kick ass. Pea shoots are awesome, too. Sorry… rambling… need to get back and eat–haven’t had my fix in a couple of weeks. mmm…Jujube…”


Another Jujube Chowhound Review

“Jujube isn’t for everyone. If you don’t like a chef who is not shackled to tradition or who is willing to spend some money for premium ingredients, then it just might not be your cup of (oolong) tea. Jujube is stylish, it’s creative, and it’s damn good. Most importantly, the chef gives a damn. Does it cost a few bucks more than what you’ll find in Chinatown in NYC or SF or Vancouver? Hell, yeah, brother. And I’m happy they’re here.”


A Wonderful Evening

“With our first visit to Jujube, we were not disappointed! We were so pleased with the noodle dish, we thought it couldn’t get any better. Thankfully, we were wrong! I had the Crab Cake entree. He had the Duck in plum sauce. We couldn’t have been more pleased! Everything was so unique, fresh, and delicious! Eventually, the chef/owner came out. He took the time out of his evening to sit and speak with us – perfect strangers. He is obviously extremely passionate about what he does and expressed his appreciation for open-minded people who walk into his restaurant with no expectations. Jujube is unlike any other Asian-inspired restaurant in the area! When we left, he encouraged us to call ahead next time, so he can create a meal for us of things not on the menu. We are planning on returning soon, and we will do just that – trust the chef to create something unique specifically for us. Open your mind, and visit Jujube. It was truly a spectacular experience!”


My Favorite New Triangle Restaurant

“Chapel Hill has been waiting for a place like this. It’s real Asian food, not dumbed-down for American palates. There’s stuff here you won’t find anywhere else in the area. Every dish is distinct. My last visit had delectable pork and shrimp dumplings, mussels in black bean sauce, an amazing pear, watercress and roasted pork salad, and shitake mushrooms. If you go and you’re a pork fan, I LOVE the ribs in a hoisin-based barbecue sauce and the hanging roast pork. The atmosphere is also unique. Service has been professional and friendly. Bottom line–great place, unique for the Triangle, would be at home in any large city, with food that’s both delicious and interesting.”