Private Dinners In Your Home

At this year’s “Tails at Twilight,” the premier fund-raising auction event for the Durham Animal Protection Society, Chef Charlie Deal donated one of his signature offerings – a multi-course meal for 8 prepared in the home of the lucky bidder.  While these dinners have always been highly sought-after and extremely fun, there just wasn’t any way of predicting that this year it would pull in the top bid of the evening at $3400!!

But it is a testament to the popularity of Charlie’s in-home events.  Culling his vast and varied experience as a private chef and a restaurateur (Jujube and Dos Perros are just the 3rd and 4th in a line of successful eatery ventures!), he’ll be quick to point out that among his favorite things is to help you plan that unique and unparalleled menu for that perfect party you’ve always wanted to host in the comfort of your own home.

Charlie has been known to throw-down dinners ranging from lavish and elegant to informal and festive—poolside, in your dining room, on a boat, and even in wine cellars!  He’s provided memorable meals for events ranging from extra-special birthday gatherings to New Year’s Eve parties. Add to that his extensive knowledge of wine and craft beer, and you have the perfect resource to work with alongside your wine collection—or turn him loose to source the perfect matchings for your three-, four-, or even eight-course dinner!

As Charlie himself describes,
“There’s something uniquely special about a great meal.  You’re either there for it or you’re not.  A piece of art hangs on your wall and you can enjoy it forever.  An amazing piece of music can be listened to again and again.  But a meal is different, partly because it’s not just about the food and drink, it’s about the people enjoying it as well.  It’s about a memorable sliver of time that can’t or won’t be exactly repeated and it’s fun to be a part of that; to be responsible for providing the catalyst for it.”

To learn more, just contact Charlie at either Dos Perros Restaurant (919-956-2750) or Jujube Restaurant (919-960-0555).  And we’re proud to provide references, too.

One response to “Private Dinners In Your Home

  1. We used Charlie Deal’s catering services in our home for a holiday event. He was professional, on time (actually about 15 minutes early), and brought trays of delicious appetizers which we had previously agreed upon. The food was fantastic, diverse, and gave all appetites many options to anyone’s dietary preferences to enjoy. We will certainly be using his services again.

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