Events: Special Dinners

One of the things we do best here at Jujube is match our cuisine to wine.  We do take it quite seriously.  Many start by writing a menu and then try to figure out what wines would work best, we think that’s backwards.  We start with the wines, taste them, and envision what dish would be best with each.  Sometimes it’s a matter of noticing some obvious flavors in the wine and looking to mimic those same in a dish.  Other times it’s trying to fill in some gap that the wine is leaving.  Other times still, it’s as simple as satisfying an immediate hankering for a particular dish that the wine has inspired.  Regardless, I think we do a fine job and have heard as much from the guests who frequent these events.

A couple of years ago, we started offering what we call Recession Wine Dinners.  In other words, five-course meals paired with value-oriented wines.  After all, there’s no need to deny yourself a great dinner out even if you’re trying to watch your budget.  All our recession dinners cost $40 plus tax and tip.  Of course, not all of our dinners fit this description, and those that do say so in the title.

Come on down and check one out for yourself.

Delicious Greek Wines (9/4)

South African Wines of Cape Classics (10/9)

2 responses to “Events: Special Dinners

  1. Danielle Perrotta

    Can you please share what menu items are vegan or can be made vegan?

    • For Specials, our servers and bartenders can always guide you through our menu, but as for regular items, Here goes…
      Dumplings: Shiitake, Carrot, and Soy are vegan.
      Appetizers: The sweet potato fritters are ovo vegetarian, and all the salads are easily adjustable to be vegan/vegetarian if needed.
      Bun/Ban: The Soy protein for either is vegan and for the sandwich, just ask for no sweet chile mayo
      Entrees: They are pretty self-explanatory. The Gado-Gado and Kung Pao with the soy “chicken” is vegan, the Shrimp noodles can be modified to be vegan if you remove the shrimp and sub soy protein or tofu, but they are pescatarian as is.
      There are quite a few options, so anytime you or another guest needs help choosing a dish to fit a certain diet, we are all here to help!

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